Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cheers to 2011

A bit late...but if I'm gonna start blogging again I should gracefully transition into 2012 with first giving my bows and applauses to _2011_

I love asking people to sum up their emotions of how the past year has been for them, overall.  A year is another snapshot of our lives, some people described their picture to be very bright, with life changing events... giving birth to a child, pursing a passion, finding a soulmate; while others had some dark shadows,  heartaches, and loss... searching for the light at the end of the tunnel. Yet for most, it's best described as a roller coaster,  hitting all types of extremes.

If I had my year painted in a picture....
it would be of me climbing through a thick brick wall, hitting few thorns, scrapping my knee more than once but eventually finding my ladder, moving up and ultimately finding myself :)  If that could all be depicted in a single picture, it would be mine.

2011 has been a year of growth,  yet another blessing in my life.  Looking back, I would not change a single piece of my puzzle.... For every moment, every feeling has been authentic.... Though more than ever, I was ready to let it go :))
How would you paint your picture?

Sweet Memories of 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello Sadness

"Are you not gonna blog until the Oscars?" -My roommate.

Yes, I have been slacking once again, getting caught in the midst of my daily routine, and forgetting to devout little time for my blogging exposee.

Yet, thankfully, blogging is the only thing I've put on hold. Regardless of my dreadful schedule, I still manage to find time to meet with friends, go out, read books, watch movies, and laugh. :)
Sleep has turned into an unattainable luxury, who has completely forgotten about me...I'll randomly give out and collapse like a camel, I'm well aware of that. 

"Bonjour Tristesse" by Francoise Sagan.

I've always been a fan of French films, novels, and romance.  Sadness has a certain beauty that happiness just cannot portray. This theme is repeated in most French art...whether it's music, film, or paintings.  I boldly admit, I'm compelled to find pleasure in such sufferings.  I believe a person is most inspired and brilliant when in sadness or depression, the best works of art are driven by some sort of tragedy...  This forces us, the audience, to be more compassionate and relate to others' pain.

Most of you probably heard of the French iconic writer, Francoise Segan... 
This past week,  I did one of the most notorious mistakes...watched the movie instead of reading the book. Thanks to I watched this 1995 French film in the comfort of my bed, with my laptop, and without having to read the subtitles (was translated to Russian). 

The movie was fantastic, leaving you with that emptiness and need to reevaluate people's true character....exactly what I wanted.  This is not the typical sobbing, tear-dropping sadness, but the kind that bluntly switches optimism to realism. Life doesn't have a "happy ending," it just simply goes on...

Since I was sure I'd like the book even more than the movie, I spent my Sunday reading it...I was right, indeed. 

I'm sure all of you have an access to google and can easily read the synopsis yourself... 

I will though leave you with my favorite quote...

"He refused categorically all notions of fidelity and serious commitments. He explained that they were arbitrary and sterile. From anyone else such views would have shocked me, but I knew that in his case they did not exclude either tenderness or devotion; feelings which came all the more easily to him since he was determined that they should be transient. This conception of rapid, violent and passing love affairs appealed to my imagination. I was not at the age when fidelity is attractive. I knew very little about love.” 

Monday, September 19, 2011


Although, I barely find a break for primetime, I was still entertained by last night's much that I'll be devoting my Sundays to marathons of Modern Family, Boardwalk Empire, and Mildred Pierce.  

Highlights: Performance by Lonely Island ft. Michael Bolton and Akon

Beautiful Dresses from Sophia Vergara and Vampire Diaries', Nina Dobrev.

Sophia is a sizzling hot, gorgeous, goddess. I can't say enough about her... from her exaggerated accent and charisma, perfect curves, and a beautiful face... this woman is sexy inside-out.  She looked absolutely stunning in her custom Vera Wang coral one-shouldered crepe gown with chiffon draping and emerald jewelry by infamous Lorraine Schwartz. Coral has grown to be my all time favorite colour. 

Lurve Nina's Donna Karan rich red gown and Judith Lieber clutch. She looked flawless head-to-toe. The simplicity and the elegance of her hair and make-up completed and complimented her ensemble. She truly looked like a movie star and a red carpet veteran. Well done, Nina :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Casual Chicness

Looking polished and trendy shouldn't strictly be for special occasions or weekend nights out only... it needs to be adapted into your daily lifestyle.  Unfortunately, style and appearance, isn't a priority for majority of Americans. Looking inappropriately grungy, messy, and ungroomed, is generally accepted.  Don't mistake me for being superficial, I'm genuinely not...though, carelessness to look presentable is one of my pet-peeves.... I'll still be nice to you :)

I am not implying that you have to doll up and over exaggerate everyday. However, "less is more" has been taken out of context and is comprehended as "roll out of bed and throw anything on..."   It is possible to be comfortable, put-together, and fashionable all at once.  Leave your baggy sweats and gym shoes...for the gym, there are other alternatives.

Accessories, color, and subtle simplicity can transform your look into an outfit rather than just some cloth/scrubs used literally just to cover your body (yes, it's this tragic...)

If it's too much effort to be creative everyday, go all black with a pop of color... either with a blazer, over-sized scarf, or a large bag. Have fun with it!
 (not too much fun.. fashion experiments aren't for everyone)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Mm Pump the Jam, Pump It Up..."

I don't mean to be a preacher, but the best way to deal with tribulations and obstacles, is lightheartedness and joyful sense of humor...regardless of your situation and circumstances.  

I personally have turned everything into a parody and it's going swell. 

For those who have occasional weep-a-thons, follow them by even more obnoxious and hysterical laughters. Friends and Youtube, are both great sources. 

Time to discard the ignited self-pity! Dance, Be Silly...Feel Good :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Terrace at the Trump

As am I getting older (and wiser) I'm starting to fall in love with the sound of my own voice in a moderate tone and hearing a response.  Therefore, I now prefer to go out to places where I'm not obligated to shout or get too close for comfort in order to understand what one's verbalizing.... oh and when I don't have to text my girl friends (who are near me), "it's time to go."

Couple weekends ago,  I had very close friends visiting from take them out I was on hunt for a place with a loungy atmosphere, not too loud, nice ambiance, and a Chicago feel.

I successfully chose Terrace at the Trump. 

Located on the 16th floor of the Trump Hotel and Tower, facing the best view of the city.
Surprisingly, I've never been there before and my only expectation was to catch a great view. Fortunately, it was all of the above...very classy, cozy, wasn't too loud, and the crowd was decent.

As far as food, I've dined at Sixteen before and wasn't impressed.  We ordered oysters and maki rolls that aren't worth mentioning.  I'd advise to gormandize elsewhere before, this is a perfect after spot.

We were lucky enough to get there in time for the firework show... the night was spent with laughing, catching up, engaging in great conversations, and enjoying one of the last summer nights in this beautiful city.

Since Chicago doesn't believe in transitioning seasons, this upcoming weekend will probably be the last time we can enjoy outdoors without being blown away. Terrace at the Trump is a great venue to take advantage of it ))

"Those Eyes, Eyes, Eyes..."

To those with a poor eye sight and contact wearers, this one is for you. Put your carrots and fish oil down, here is something that actually works.

Vision has never been one of my forte senses. In fact, it's my worst... without contacts I could easily consider it to be useless.  It's to the point where I cannot see my own reflection or detect someone who's only an arms length away from me.  Everything is a complete blur.  Thankfully, with contacts I get to visually experience the world without having to wear glasses all the time.

However,  there isn't anyone who misuses and abuses them as much as I do. I sleep with them on every night and only take them off when I'm ready to rip apart my eye socket.  Ironically, I work at an optical... with an eye doctor... and studying to be an optometrist.  (bow my head in shame)

Long story short, I recently had an eye exam and was expecting the same verdict as the times before...corneal ulcer, scaring, and undoubtedly, decline in vision.

YET, to my shock, surprise, and God sent miracle, my vision for the first time...since ever,  has improved ( -8.00 to -6.50), I thought I was falsely examined  'til I actually wore my new Rx and noticed a big difference in clarity.
Despite of my use and abuse, Acuvue Oasys Hydroclear Lenses, deflated my cornea which essentially is the reason why my vision got better, since these contacts allow more oxygen than any other brand in the market. (then again, it could be the ginger ;)). 

So dear fellow bats, contact your doctor and switch to Oasys...if it has worked for me (with all my wrong doings),  I can assure it'll work for any set of eyes.

P.S. I'm lucky to work with the best doctors (O.D.) in the city, contact me if you'd like to get examined at one of the two locations I work at :)