Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cheers to 2011

A bit late...but if I'm gonna start blogging again I should gracefully transition into 2012 with first giving my bows and applauses to _2011_

I love asking people to sum up their emotions of how the past year has been for them, overall.  A year is another snapshot of our lives, some people described their picture to be very bright, with life changing events... giving birth to a child, pursing a passion, finding a soulmate; while others had some dark shadows,  heartaches, and loss... searching for the light at the end of the tunnel. Yet for most, it's best described as a roller coaster,  hitting all types of extremes.

If I had my year painted in a picture....
it would be of me climbing through a thick brick wall, hitting few thorns, scrapping my knee more than once but eventually finding my ladder, moving up and ultimately finding myself :)  If that could all be depicted in a single picture, it would be mine.

2011 has been a year of growth,  yet another blessing in my life.  Looking back, I would not change a single piece of my puzzle.... For every moment, every feeling has been authentic.... Though more than ever, I was ready to let it go :))
How would you paint your picture?

Sweet Memories of 2011

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