Thursday, September 8, 2011

Terrace at the Trump

As am I getting older (and wiser) I'm starting to fall in love with the sound of my own voice in a moderate tone and hearing a response.  Therefore, I now prefer to go out to places where I'm not obligated to shout or get too close for comfort in order to understand what one's verbalizing.... oh and when I don't have to text my girl friends (who are near me), "it's time to go."

Couple weekends ago,  I had very close friends visiting from take them out I was on hunt for a place with a loungy atmosphere, not too loud, nice ambiance, and a Chicago feel.

I successfully chose Terrace at the Trump. 

Located on the 16th floor of the Trump Hotel and Tower, facing the best view of the city.
Surprisingly, I've never been there before and my only expectation was to catch a great view. Fortunately, it was all of the above...very classy, cozy, wasn't too loud, and the crowd was decent.

As far as food, I've dined at Sixteen before and wasn't impressed.  We ordered oysters and maki rolls that aren't worth mentioning.  I'd advise to gormandize elsewhere before, this is a perfect after spot.

We were lucky enough to get there in time for the firework show... the night was spent with laughing, catching up, engaging in great conversations, and enjoying one of the last summer nights in this beautiful city.

Since Chicago doesn't believe in transitioning seasons, this upcoming weekend will probably be the last time we can enjoy outdoors without being blown away. Terrace at the Trump is a great venue to take advantage of it ))

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