Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Those Eyes, Eyes, Eyes..."

To those with a poor eye sight and contact wearers, this one is for you. Put your carrots and fish oil down, here is something that actually works.

Vision has never been one of my forte senses. In fact, it's my worst... without contacts I could easily consider it to be useless.  It's to the point where I cannot see my own reflection or detect someone who's only an arms length away from me.  Everything is a complete blur.  Thankfully, with contacts I get to visually experience the world without having to wear glasses all the time.

However,  there isn't anyone who misuses and abuses them as much as I do. I sleep with them on every night and only take them off when I'm ready to rip apart my eye socket.  Ironically, I work at an optical... with an eye doctor... and studying to be an optometrist.  (bow my head in shame)

Long story short, I recently had an eye exam and was expecting the same verdict as the times before...corneal ulcer, scaring, and undoubtedly, decline in vision.

YET, to my shock, surprise, and God sent miracle, my vision for the first time...since ever,  has improved ( -8.00 to -6.50), I thought I was falsely examined  'til I actually wore my new Rx and noticed a big difference in clarity.
Despite of my use and abuse, Acuvue Oasys Hydroclear Lenses, deflated my cornea which essentially is the reason why my vision got better, since these contacts allow more oxygen than any other brand in the market. (then again, it could be the ginger ;)). 

So dear fellow bats, contact your doctor and switch to Oasys...if it has worked for me (with all my wrong doings),  I can assure it'll work for any set of eyes.

P.S. I'm lucky to work with the best doctors (O.D.) in the city, contact me if you'd like to get examined at one of the two locations I work at :)


  1. so how exactly can contact lenses deflate ur cornea? sounds impressive

  2. According to my doctor, because these contacts allow so much oxygen (they're hydro clear) my cornea deflated, as oppose to the the other ones I've been wearing for years (Ciba Vision Night and Day) the switch of the brands actually improved my eyesight )