Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Casual Chicness

Looking polished and trendy shouldn't strictly be for special occasions or weekend nights out only... it needs to be adapted into your daily lifestyle.  Unfortunately, style and appearance, isn't a priority for majority of Americans. Looking inappropriately grungy, messy, and ungroomed, is generally accepted.  Don't mistake me for being superficial, I'm genuinely not...though, carelessness to look presentable is one of my pet-peeves.... I'll still be nice to you :)

I am not implying that you have to doll up and over exaggerate everyday. However, "less is more" has been taken out of context and is comprehended as "roll out of bed and throw anything on..."   It is possible to be comfortable, put-together, and fashionable all at once.  Leave your baggy sweats and gym shoes...for the gym, there are other alternatives.

Accessories, color, and subtle simplicity can transform your look into an outfit rather than just some cloth/scrubs used literally just to cover your body (yes, it's this tragic...)

If it's too much effort to be creative everyday, go all black with a pop of color... either with a blazer, over-sized scarf, or a large bag. Have fun with it!
 (not too much fun.. fashion experiments aren't for everyone)

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