Monday, August 22, 2011

The Falling of Autumn

As much as I will be regretting stating this, especially when I'll be a numbed pedestrian in a miserable -20F (about -30C) Chicago winter ... I am officially done with Summer 2011...

It was fabulous globe trotting and leaving the planet of USA for a month.  Indulging in the pleasure of being a sun-kissed vegetable on the beach, sipping on something cool, refreshing and sweet enough to barely taste the alcohol... pampering myself with the glitz of spas.... and most importantly, simply being  _a w a y.   I can honestly say I had a pretty tasteful summer. 

Now that I have returned,  I am professedly back to business, thrown to the brutal reality of my overloaded schedule, consisting of full time work, school, responsibilities... absolutely everything but sleep.  This forces me to acknowledge, yet again, that time truly is a commodity. 

My tan is rapidly fading and the only drink I'm sippin on is pure black coffee at 5am.  Moreover,  there is  a humid, wet,  sticky,  hell hole outside while I power walk to class,  run to work, then end my day with another night class...  I'm  either nearly getting hot flashes or fidgeting from blasted air conditioning indoors.

Needless to say, I've begun to abhor this season with an eager anticipation of Autumn.

All of this grandly leading to FALL FASHION

My parents and I were visiting Lake Geneva this past weekend, we stumbled across this charming boutique that sells imported fur and coats. I fell in love with this super stylish and feminine mesh trench. I'm impatiently waiting for the chill temperature to kick start so it can be worn out and matched with a Parisian-esque hat that I found along.  

Here are some latest yet classic trends

Love the orange accent. Fall Collection By L.A.M.B


Victoria Beckham FALL 2011

Victoria Beckham

Rachel Zoe

The Fall of Autumn leaves in my neighborhood

Best of Summer: Neon colors and white dresses

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