Monday, August 8, 2011


After my dramatic shift in career choice and switching majors, I parted with my favorite past-time and what I once called my passion….writing.  Of course, writing cannot be escaped (especially in an academic curriculum) I'm still drowning in research papers and lab write-ups…yet the difference is, what I at one time did for pleasure, I now do only to survive my merciless semester. Liberal Arts to Medicine, going from romantic interpretations to strict formulas, laws, observations, data, reactions, etc.  I missed expressing my opinion and leaving the door open for a variety of perceptions. 

With that said, I recently started flirting  with an idea of creating my own blog. Many times I would begin writing then instantly convince myself it isn't for me… 
 After curiously following and even enjoying my friends' daily posts, I decided to finally cave in.  

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